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“Take an object. Do something to it. Do something else to it.” — Bruce Nauman

The series ART TOYS “R” US toys with some familiar images of modern to contemporary sculpture. I just giggle quietly in my studio thinking about how to play with these already whimsical art works done in the past. By doing so, I seem to deepen my understandings of these works and the way they speak to me in their unique voices. For instance my “Slant Step for Ants”(2003) came from the observation on the original “Slant Step”(1966) by William T. Wiley and Bruce Nauman. The original spoke to me that it had to be smaller to be widely accessible to the variety of audiences. It had to be much smaller in order for even tiny ants to be able to appreciate its enigma. The idea of sharing in multiple directions therefore is in this series.