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I spent my first nineteen years of schooling period at the same educational institution called Jiyu-Gakuen (School of Freedom) in Tokyo. This unusual mono-schooling experience at the small private Christian school naturally made a profound impact on me. One of the most significant impacts on the matter of artistic merit came from its visual cultural environment. Since this school is housed in the marvelous architecture by the renowned American architect Frank Lloyd Wright (built in 1921), and other newer structures by his direct disciples, I from early age on, had to grow up surrounded by the strong taste of authentic Wright expressions. My interest in the world of independent artistic voices was nourished in this line of peculiarly unique esthetic environment.

First, I started out as a glassblower apprentice working for a glass factory in Japan then I came to the United States to learn the spirit of American Studio Glass Movement in 1983. Almost all these Glass Works here are done while I was taking courses offered by the multiple glass artists at the Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina during the year 1983.